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Praxium helps you discover and attain careers that you are passionate about.

We create unique learning journeys designed to promote curiosity, creativity, and holistic growth.

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We believe that everyone can teach and everyone can learn. Join us for Learning Day where you'll discover what everyone has to offer, including yourself! We gather every other Friday to teach what we know and learn from others- topics have included: how to make nut butter, dating tips, game theory, cyber-security, Adobe Photoshop, and much more!


Praxium - Exploration

Explore what's available out there. Things like User Experience Design, Data Analytics, and Web Development may not be careers you've heard of, so how would you know you won't want them? 

Praxium - Skills

Then, develop skills that you will need in areas that you have interest in. You will excel in some, giving you a good idea where your talents lie, and where your passion can be found.

Praxium - Experience

After building on your skills, you'll be well-equipped to start gaining real world experiences. You don't need to wait till you graduate. We'll find opportunities for you to do meaningful work even while you're in your teens.


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