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start your journey of finding your passion

Fun things don't have to be "a waste of time". Pfft.

We get it, you're still in school, and your career and future is still far away. Rather than hound you about it like your teachers and parents, we'd rather just hang out and live life first.

The serious stuff does matter, but let's take it a step at a time first. We don't pretend to know all the answers. After all, you're unique. But we'll definitely be able to help you in the way that YOU need.

Learning Day Group Photo

Learning Day

A regular free learning event where anyone aged 15 and above can come together to teach and learn something new from each other.

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A monthly gathering to discover the answers to the deep and important questions in life, like "Why must I study/work?", "What is my purpose in this world?"

VoiceOut your thoughts and learn from others who have been there and found their answers.

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Chill Out


A regular meet-up with other youth and mentors for cheap/free activities like movie screenings, board game sessions, hiking trips, and food hunt.

Figure out your direction as you ChillOut with us!

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