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The world is changing. Rapidly.

It's hard to keep up with the changes in the economy and guide your students towards their dreams and aspirations.
Education & Career Guidance is important but how best can you give them the guidance they need?

Leave it to us.

Praxium specializes in building interactive, and engaging experiences that guide students towards their dreams.

Our network of professionals span numerous industries, sectors and careers. Tap on our strength and resources to give your students what they deserve.


CCA-Linked ECG Programme

You can carry out effective ECG without portioning out extra time and effort.

CCAs are an excellent opportunity to show students how their co-curricular activities can greatly contribute to their career development.

Enlist the aid of our mentors to lead your students into embarking on real world projects related to their CCA, to produce results that will be recognized by the industry.

  • Weekly/Fortnightly CCA engagement
  • 3-4 hours of mentoring and coaching at each session
  • Monthly Field Trips to relevant workplaces & events
  • Specialized Skills Training
  • Future Mapping Exercises
  • For up to 30 Students in a CCA


Talks & Workshops

This is what a full-fledged Career Day/Week programme should be.

Information about various industries, career skills, better understanding about themselves, all play a part in achieving career success and happiness.

We're here to give them all the help they need in preparing for their futures. All while having fun at the same time!

  • 1-3 Days Career Fair
  • Up to 20 different Careers to showcase
  • Career Exposure Sessions
  • For 15 - 270 Students


Economy Simulation Game

We gain the most clarity and focus about our lives when we become adults, as we take on responsibilities and interact with people with varying missions and backgrounds.

Populous is designed to let students live like Adults for a day, to learn about how a society functions.

The personalized missions that each student receives for the game will provide them with a framework for identifying and planning for the important things in their life and career.

  • 6 Hours of Economy Simulation Game
  • Roleplay as various professions
  • Take on adult responsibilities like Bills & Taxes
  • Learn about how a society functions
  • For 120-300 Students

Career Exposure Session

This is the hallmark of Praxium programmes.

Each session is centered around a different career, allowing you to be exposed to numerous different pathways.

During each of these sessions, you get to experience the work involved in the associated careers, as well as meet a professional who is working in that field.

Learn about the skills that contribute to excellence in that job, as well as the educational qualifications you should pursue.

Future Mapping

Our children will inherit the world. That is always true.

It's the very reason why the Video Games industry is thriving today, as pioneering gamers of the 80s become adults with spending power. It is also a reason why people have become able to form a career out of YouTube and Social Media.

Our Future Mapping Workshop aims to identify these very future trends that lie hidden in the psyche of our youth.

Specialized Skill Training

There are numerous skills that are very useful in the future.

We believe that the most important ones are Computing Skills, and Design Thinking Skills. Especially in a world where technology will become commonplace, and the unique abilities of humans will become more vital.

Our Specialized Skill Training programme will allow your students to experience, learn, and hone these skills, with the target of mastering them, or at least to a level where they can put it into use in a professional setting.

Let us know if you have a specific skill in mind that you would like your students to learn and we will prepare something appropriate for them.



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