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People often start their career only after getting their Diploma or Degree.

By then, they find that many of the jobs they want require years of experience. Then they settle for a job they qualify for, only to find that the subject they studied, has nothing to do with the job they got. And the job is extremely draining and unenjoyable. Years of studying hard and tuition fees wasted for a job they hate.

You don't have to be like them.

Rather than hoping that a career would be as you imagined, you should experience those jobs first-hand. Our programmes for youth does precisely that. We let you try your hand at the jobs you have been aspiring towards, and more that you never dreamed of.

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For the unsure

Not sure about how we work?

Come for a trial session!

Experience our unique approach to discovering your passions and learning about various jobs.

Feel free to attend the trial with your parents!


  • 1 Career Exposure Session
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For the average youth

Not sure what you want for your future career?

Our 3-4 hour long hands-on workshops let you learn about what you need to get into and excel at certain jobs, as well as the education you need to achieve those jobs.

Meet successful professionals in those careers and kickstart your journey to a fulfilling life.


  • 3 Career Exposure Session
  • 1 Self-Development Session
  • 1-on-1 Career Consultation
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Deep Dive

For the certain

Very sure of the career you want?

The Deep Dive programme helps you get the opportunities you need to spread your wings.

Gain the skills you need in your dream job and get the opportunity to work and network with successful professionals in industries you are interested in.

Deep Dive

  • 4 Career Exposure Session
  • 2 Self-Development Session
  • 6 Skill Development Workshops
  • 1-on-1 Career Consultation

Career Exposure Session

This is the hallmark of Praxium programmes.

Each session is centered around a different career, allowing you to be exposed to numerous different pathways.

During each of these sessions, you get to experience the work involved in the associated careers, as well as meet a professional who is working in that field.

Learn about the skills that contribute to excellence in that job, as well as the educational qualifications you should pursue.

Personal Development Sessions

Besides just learning about various careers, it is important to develop skills that professionals use to advance their career and find opportunities.

Skills like networking, personal branding, and even resume writing are all important foundational skills to have regardless of what career you pursue.

Additionally, our personal development sessions also teach you how to identify your passion, plan your future, and learn other skills that will be useful in your adulthood.

Skill Development Sessions

When you have identified your passions, or decided on a career path to embark on, developing job-related skills will become critical.

The skills you learn here will provide you with the means to gain real world experience that will greatly contribute to your career.

While attending these sessions, our instructors will also guide you towards opportunities to put those skills to use and generate impact.


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