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Millions of people around the world are increasingly resisting merely tolerate a life of existence within the rat-race. The problem of how to follow one’s inner compass while cultivating wisdom, personal growth and emotional mastery is something most societies do not have a clear path for. Praxium seeks to facilitate and accelerate this transformation for people who are lost and confused, to living passionate and fulfilling lives.


Praxium is a career discovery institute that helps people of all ages, live in alignment with their purpose and build a successful career around their passions and aptitudes.

We design experiential, result-oriented Programmes for individuals to explore their passions, build valuable skills and instill fulfilment into their lives. All our members get integrated into our exclusive community of changemakers, where they get access to successful industry mentors to accelerate their growth.


  • Authenticity: Most of us allow ourselves to make unconscious decisions every moment that do not truly reflect who we really are. This is true the source of pain in people living unfulfilled lives. At Praxium, our mission is to empower others to live in congruence with their values. We seek to paint the true picture of living a fulfilling life for people by dispelling myths about both chasing passions and finding unicorns.

  • Experiential Learning: At its core, we believe that a synergy of action and conscious learning is the only way to discover ones passions. This is why the activities we organise specially for our communities are highly actionable, result-oriented and fuel self-discovery. We're sick of talks and lectures so we don't want to put you through that either! With more than 10 years of experience design expertise, you can be assured that every programme is hand-crafted by our team for the most immersive experience.

  • Sustainability: Environment is everything - You are the average of the top 5 people you spend most time with. This is why, we have created a specially curated community of like-minded seekers like yourselves to support and inspire one another throughout this lifelong journey. We do not believe in one-off events because they simply do not work. Praxium and all its programmes are guaranteed to provide support to you for life. That is our promise.

  • Contribution: Every single one of us feels fulfilled when making a difference to others. Our main goal is to facilitate the process of youths to not only build careers that value-add to society, but also gain intrinsic satisfaction from fundamentally making the world a better place. While being excited about an industry provides for an advantage, being passionate about a cause is the real game changer. We firmly advocate this in all our programmes.

  • Wisdom: The key to living a life of true happiness is to experience inner peace from emotional mastery. Here at Praxium, we focus on growing two essential skills, empathy and introspection, so that our community can live at their fullest potential. We feel that any external success begins from balanced leadership from the inside. To be truly free from the rat-race, let your consciousness drive you.


Creative Activity Design

Having knowledge about a certain industry alone is not enough to create an engaging and educational experience for youth. With our creative activity design as well as our deep understanding of youth and their mindset, we make each career session authentic, engaging and insightful.

Continuous Engagement

Most youth lack genuine, deep engagement as well as good role models and mentors. Our team, our network of professionals, and mentors, are dedicated to connecting with the youth we work with. We work to inspire them, support them, and guide them on their life journey.

Accessible Networks

It is hard to find an institution that has connections to a broad network of industries, that is also informal enough for youth to access. By working directly with professionals, individuals, and youth, we create an environment of trust and mutual assistance.

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Louis Puah

As an education and design enthusiast, Louis derives satisfaction in helping youth discover their direction in life and in helping them reach their potential, all while having fun in the process.

He has worked at MNCs and Startups, in Singapore and in Silicon Valley USA, creating engaging and delightful experiences across digital and physical platforms. He also has years of experience running events, workshops, and courses on design thinking and design skills. Having won several Startup Weekend Education competitions both in Singapore and in USA (TalkingPoints) , he now devotes his full effort into designing next-generation education solutions.

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The Team

Meet our team of passionate facilitators, programme designers and mentors!


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